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The following resources are exempt from this site license:

Tips For Quickly Preparing To Teach Online were adapted from tips written by Amy Young, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Communication, Pacific Lutheran University. It is reproduced here with permission of the author with all rights reserved and is exempt from the site Creative Commons license.

Run Labs was adapted from tips arising from community conversations amongst the engineering deans, faculty, and staff of Canada. Copyright and all rights are reserved to the original authors, and the list is exempt from the site Creative Commons license.

Step-by step instructions for using Canvas were adapted from the Instructure Canvas Instructor Guide PDF. They are exempt from the site license and are instead licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0:

  • Lectures page:
    • “Upload files to your Canvas course” instructions
    • “Enable real-time interactions (for < 250 students)" instructions
    • “Run your real-time lecture session online (for < 250 students)" instructions
    • “Upload recordings to your Canvas course” instructions
  • Group Work & Labs page:
    • “Working with Canvas group sets” instructions
    • “Enabling Canvas student groups” instructions
  • Assignments & Assessments page:
    • “Create course assignments in Canvas” instructions
    • “Create group assignments in Canvas” instructions
    • “Create Canvas quizzes” instructions
    • “Add questions to Canvas quizzes” instructions
  • Discussions & Communications page:
    • “Set up discussion boards in Canvas” instructions
    • “Post course announcements through Canvas” instructions
    • “Send students Canvas messages” instructions
    • “Host virtual office hours” instructions
  • Grades page:
    • “Manually post grades in Canvas” instructions
    • “Using Canvas SpeedGrader” instructions
    • “Using Canvas Gradebook” instructions
    • “Download grades from Canvas” instructions
    • “Upload grades to Canvas” instructions