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These are ways of receiving more individualized support in moving part or all of your course online.

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UBC Vancouver

If you teach primarily at UBC Vancouver, please contact your faculty’s Instructional Support Unit first.

You are also invited to call (604 827 4775) or email ( the Learning Technology Hub. The physical office is currently closed, but you are welcome to visit the LT Hub online to reach central instructional support staff for live help Monday-Friday from 9:00–4:30.

UBC Okanagan

If you teach primarily at UBC Okanagan, please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning (250 807 9293 or for assistance.

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CTLT Remote Teaching Institute

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology’s ongoing Remote Teaching Institute supports UBC educators in exploring remote teaching practices. Register and view the full list of sessions on the CTLT Institute website. Please note that new sessions and opportunities are added regularly.

Slides and other resources from the 2020 Remote Teaching Institute sessions are also freely available on the UBC Wiki.

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Join us for virtual workshops that will introduce you to the learning technologies Canvas, Collaborate Ultra, Proctorio, and Zoom. Registration is needed only for the Zoom sessions.

Teaching with Collaborate Ultra

Tuesdays | 12:00 – 1:00 | Join the online Collaborate Ultra workshop

Collaborate Ultra is a ​video/audio web-conferencing and collaboration tool in Canvas​ that lets you meet with students in real time and moderate classes, meetings, or other group collaborations virtually. Learn about how to set up Collaborate Ultra and teach your classes.

Teaching Online with Canvas

Wednesdays | 12:00 – 1:00 | Join the online Canvas workshop

Receive an introduction to setting up your course and teaching online using Canvas, UBC’s primary all-in-one platform for delivering online courses.

Getting Started with Proctorio

Wednesdays | 1:00 – 2:00 | Join the online Proctorio workshop

Proctorio is an ​online remote proctoring tool​ hosted in Canada that allows you to give an invigilated quiz or exam in Canvas. In place of a physical person in the room with your students, you can have Proctorio record their webcams, microphones, screens, and any websites they visit during the assessment, to promote exam integrity. Learn about key considerations for online proctored exams and how to set up Proctorio in your Canvas course.

Exploring Zoom

Fridays | 12:00 – 1:00 | Register for an upcoming Zoom workshop

Zoom is a ​video/audio web-conferencing and collaboration tool​ that lets you meet with students in real time and moderate classes, meetings, or other group collaborations virtually. Zoom is an alternative to Collaborate Ultra, if you need a tool to use outside of Canvas and/or one that can accommodate higher numbers of participants and the ability to see more video feeds at once. Join us for this session to learn more about Zoom and best practices in using it for teaching remote classes.

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One-on-One Training

One-on-one training can assist you in developing individualized strategies to meet the needs of your online course. Registration is needed only for the Do-It-Yourself Media Support Sessions.

Learning Technology Hub Virtual Drop-Ins

Monday – Friday | 9:00 – 4:30 | Join the online Learning Technology Hub

The Learning Technology Hub offers all-day virtual drop-in support for using any UBC learning technologies. You can receive one-on-one pedagogical strategies for online teaching, training with individual tools, and assistance with troubleshooting technical issues.

WordPress and Wiki Virtual Drop-In Clinics

Thursdays | 1:00 – 3:00 | Join the online Wiki and WordPress Clinic

An alternative to using Canvas in putting your course online is to set up a website on UBC Blogs and/or use the UBC Wiki. At the virtual clinics, get one-on-one support in using these flexible platforms for teaching and learning purposes. Come with questions, and specialists at the clinic will help you find the answers.

Learning Design Studios for Online Courses

May 21 | 11:30 – 1:30 | Join the online Learning Design studio

Join learning designers virtually for one-on-one consultations to explore ways to enhance your students’ online learning experience. Bring your courses, ideas, and questions, and together explore how to incorporate new approaches into your teaching practice.

Do-It-Yourself Media Support Sessions

May 27 | 10:00 – 11:30 | Register

Planning to produce video content (e.g., lectures) for your course, but don’t know where to start? UBC Studios offers helpful media support sessions where professional media specialists are available to answer your questions.

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Other Important Considerations

If you normally use a desk phone for UBC’s multi-factor authentication, set up an alternate device or method.

In preparing yourself well for fully remote teaching, ensure you have access to the following equipment at home:

  • Laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device you can use to teach
  • Microphone and headset
  • Webcam
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • Quiet room you could use to facilitate or record

Read UBC IT’s Guide to Working Off Campus for other useful considerations.

Visit the main Library website for the latest updates about UBC Library’s services.

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