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Find strategies and instructions below for creating your online course in UBC’s main learning platform, Canvas, and other setup considerations for getting started with teaching online.

Create Your Online Course | Other At-Home Considerations

Create Your Online Course

Canvas is UBC’s primary learning platform for delivering online course content.​ In Canvas, you can share materials (text or multimedia), enable student collaboration and discussion, manage assignments and quizzes, and assign grades.

All UBC courses have matching courses in Canvas automatically created, with the enrolled students added, even if you have never used Canvas. To use your Canvas course, you will first need to make it visible for students to find. You can then customize it in a variety of ways.

Set up a Canvas course

Follow UBC how-to instructions

  1. Set up your Canvas course
  2. Understand your options for building courses in Canvas

Dive deeper with UBC resources

Keep accessibility in mind as you teach online. Read the UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology’s quick accessibility tips » for a place to start.

Explore more about Canvas and read answers to FAQs in UBC’s Canvas instructor guide » and UBC’s Canvas student guide »

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Other At-Home Considerations

If you will be at home rather than on campus, keep these other considerations in mind.

  • If you use a campus desk phone to log in to services using UBC’s multi-factor authentication, set up an alternate device or method to deliver your login code.
  • Ensure you have access to the following equipment at home:
    • Laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device you can use to teach
    • Microphone and headset
    • Webcam
    • Reliable internet connection
    • Quiet room you can use to run live sessions or record
  • Read UBC IT’s Guide to Working Off Campus for other useful considerations.

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Get support with learning technology

Contact the UBC Learning Technology Hub for hands-on assistance:
604 827 4775 | | Live Weekday Support »